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Our firm has been in operation and located in Los Angeles since 1972. We have enjoyed producing high quality images for a clientele who want their products positioned above their competition's. Our clients fully understand the importance of our image's quality and realize the value that they receive. 

Our full service Photo•Graphics design studio is prepared to handle any project you may have - from a single P/R photo to a complete catalog or even an extensive co-op marketing program. We specialize in jewelry, collectibles, giftware, high technology products, real estate and events. We have a high degree of sophistication and respect in solving problems related to these items. 

We have been involved in digital imaging since 1992. Our entry was due to our requirements for maintaining the highest possible quality capture and retouching standards for image reproduction. When you review our images you will see that our company's skills are in creating images which look real and allow the product to "jump" off the page. 

Our  studio contains the most current imaging, retouching, production and proofing equipment and the staff who know how to use it. Full security and a convenient location are also a part of our business package.